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Hebrews 4:1-3 - "Let us fear, therefore, lest haply a promise being left us of entering into His rest, any of you should seem to have come short of it....because they were not united by faith with them that heard. For we which have believed do enter into that rest.."

We speak, with Scripture, of the "rest" of faith. Faith, however, only gives rest because it rests in God; it rests because it allows God to do all; the rest is in God Himself. It is His own divine rest into which we enter by faith -- in the entire surrender to Him, to His will and His working, that we may have perfect rest, that we dare to cast ourselves upon God, and have no care.

put away sin,

has rent the veil,

and is set down on the right hand of the Heavenly throne,

because all is finished and perfected,

we have received the Holy Spirit from heaven in our hearts to make us the partakers of that glorified Christ,

we may with confidence, with boldness, rest in Him to maintain and perfect His work in us in our individual CALLING in Christ.

And, resting in Him, He becomes our Joshua (bringing us in and perfecting our faith) and giving us a home in the rest of God with Himself, now to go no more out -- forever.


Let us do what Israel did in crossing the Jordan; they allowed Joshua to bring them in; they followed him.
Let us follow Jesus in the path He trod. In heaven God's will is all. On earth Jesus lived in the will of God, in suffering and doing, in meeting trial, in waiting for the Father's guidance; in giving up everything to it, He proved that God's will was His path.


We yield ourselves in the death to self, to God's purpose for our life; having faith in Jesus on the throne, as our Head and life, that He has brought us in and will make it true in our experience -- we trust Jesus, by being a partaker of His nature and life, to work all in us that the Father has PURPOSED for our individual life -- and we shall know how blessed it is to enter the rest of God.


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